Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Time to Fight for the Right to Have Hens!

Patricia Foreman, the author of  City Chicks, wrote some rousing words about an upcoming public hearing in Lexington. It is so appropriate to our situation here in Chesapeake that she gave me permission to tweak it and re-post it here.

Chesapeake Chickens - Public Hearing Announcement

ALERT!! Chicken Public Hearing, Wednesday, Oct. 10, 7 pm City Hall

Please WEAR SOMETHING RED to the hearing to show you are a local foods supporter.

The proposed code is at this link
It has restrictions that passively-agressively prevent most families from keeping chickens. 

This public hearing is not just about chickens—it's about so much more that affects us all—and our lifestyles.
• It's about having access to local, HEALTHY foods. 
• It's about employing chickens' skill sets in gardening, (as herbiciders, pesticiders and fertilizer creators).
• It about reducing carbon footprints with food that doesn't have to travel 1,200 miles through feedlots and factory farms. 
• It's about biomass recycling of food and yard "waste" and creating topsoil.
• It's about reducing the solid waste management stream that saves taxpayer dollars.
• It's about living green and walking your talk.
• It's about humane treatment of animals.
• It's about teaching kids where food comes from, including gardening.
• It's about the right to grow food on land you own.
• It's about emergency preparedness.
• It's even about national security. The Department of Defense has repeatedly stated that our weakest links in National Security is America's food and water supply. 

Keeping a family flocks, and supporting local agriculture are the most important things communities can do to help navigate these challenging times. For more information on why, and details about the Chicken Training Series, see Or hear Pat Foreman herself give an evening talk on Tuesday, October 9, at 5 PM at the Chesapeake Central Library. Tickets must be purchased here in advance-- proceeds benefit the Gossamer Foundation.

Even if you don't want chickens, please support those who do. 

Pass this message along to others who might be able to come and show City Council that the chicken movement—and locavore foods is happening all across America. This is a serious matter, and not just a personal frivolity of a few. 

Update: On November 20, Chesapeake City Council voted 6-3 to allow hens with certain restriction in residential areas.

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