Friday, February 1, 2013

Our Very First Backyard Egg!

Buff Orpingtons on the Left; the Delaware on the Right

Our new pullets, two Buff Orpingtons and a Delaware, are a delight. We've had them a little over a week, and they are settling in beautifully. Their names are Athena, Minerva, and Nike. One of the three-- they won't tell me who!-- laid an egg this afternoon. It's the first since we got them.

I cannot describe the wonder and excitement of finding this light-brown beauty in the nest box when I got home from work. Don and I took turns having our pictures taken with it, and then we cooked it up and ate it.

Both of us said there is nothing else like it. We have never had an egg from any supermarket, in any restaurant, or even fresh-bought from any farm, that tasted as good as this egg did. I can see why residents in many municipalities will ignore the law to have eggs as fresh and delightful as these! It made all the hard work of getting laying hens legalized in residential backyards in Chesapeake well worth it. 4 Chesapeake Hens rocks!

I'll post some picture below.

Yours Truly with Our First Egg

Don is serious-looking but just as proud!

The Orange Yolk and Thick Whites of a Fresh, Pastured Egg!

We Wish We Could Post a Taste Online... Incredible!

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