Sunday, June 10, 2012

Popular Culture

People are funny. I have started a blog that is a travel-log of my adventures in Italy two summers ago. In my opinion, it is highly educational and interesting. Here is a typical picture from my adventures:
Greek Temple at Paestum

The same picture has been posted on Flickr for two years. In all that time, it has had two views. What seems important and fascinating to me must seem less so to the world. I imagine these reminiscences to be like the dreaded travel slide-shows from the days of youthful sitcoms on television: something to be avoided or slept through.

On the other hand, I once dyed my hair Pepsi blue as an incentive for students to vote in a contest for my previous school to get grant funding for technology for the school. We missed winning the contest, although not by much. On the other hand, some of my pictures on Flickr have received over 1,000 views. Go figure!

Blue-Haired Ballroom Dancer

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